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      Wandering Tianya has been years

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         Jiangnan, the scenery is still, Pongshui Quqiao flowersTsui, powder cheek green plate competing flaws; that gracefulenchanting temptation, that fragrant fan obeenf the fan, why the ink ofthe embellishment, is already poetic alcohol intoxicated. Showshadow matte finish, butterfly butterfly wear, a传奇英雄合击手游版nd now the beautyof the beautiful but difficult to drive away my heart lonely anddeep your face. Walking up and down the forest wandering, lookingfor laughter to seetianya the flowers, fantasy is all your beautifulsmile ...

      Looking back, standing eyebrows sigh; in the rush of theflow of time, looking for the footprints hasscattered in the windingstreets, had gone through the scenery. This life, you like the warmwinter, with my drifting, with the long-cherished wish of lifewithout regret. Now, I can only remember your name in the hea英雄合击版手游传奇rt,the collection of your face, for you to give a tie Wen Wenlingering mixed poetry, collection to meet again when you reread.You can have known, misty rain Jiangnan, 传奇英雄合击手游版no you how to ...

      Since then, the eyes of any person who despair is also notin the end, where the matter can no longer incense can not afford atra其实手游版的英雄合击传奇ce of Lianyi Yi, although not my intention, but only you read.Life is short, even a larg英雄合击版手游传奇e degree of elegance, and a few peoplecan look down on the consu传奇英雄合击手机版mption of things, all with the traces ofthe old trace, cloud smoke 对于yearsfly.

      Had to look at the hand, and now look back gradually oldface, in the reincarnation, whether in the words of wandering? Thevast expanse of the sea, let me, comfort my people are slim,slander me, ridicule me who can stand up, false persuasion andcomfort, behind willyears have some kind of disdain? Shoulder heavyresponsibility and bitterness, I laughed at the end of the world tofind you the same care and understanding of people. World, Buddhato Nianhua he合击传奇手机版art Purdue world, Buddha Buddha Venerable smile torespond to God; who understand my silence, who knows 合击传奇手游my speechless,only you without him, however, my world was your story drowned, andThe story has long been Nirvana in my pen ...

      Spring flowers a few times red, if years later, if you canmeet again, can we remember the promise of silence,Wandering can rememberyesterday's old dream and the initial ignorant?

      Wandering Tianya has been years, by adding a lot of lonelysad, when the melody a对比一下wanderingway from the curtains, memories full ofchest, thoughts in time and space in the rotation, do not want towake up in the dream of holding, open the whole interpretation ofthe past, Is a de看看传奇手游有合击版吗ep passion and your gentle heart.

      Earthly troubles, often ran past stranded. Luanzhuang mood,alone by the case, the most afraid to see that full of messysadn想知道手游版的英雄合击传奇ess, every thought from the past all the feelings, touching,heart throbbing, tears, during which the entanglements, who cancross the crossing? Hard heart static, flashy dust into the eye,how broken 其实yearsalienated? Why? Qing do not, leave me a cavity withoutloss of any loss I am sad, no you Huan?

      Often remembered, together with the horizon Journey, let thedust rain wind brush, actually also heard; today, suddenly dream,look back into the clouds, the wind away. I took Tianyathe originalfeelings, in the story of smoke, search chapter robbery, Minato asad melody, silently playing, poignant and hurt the rhythm, to alsobe able to comfort my heart.

      A few times the birds, into the ears传奇合击版本手机 desolately, the airecho, is also a beautiful sad. Wang Cang Lin green leaves decoratedwith red, see the ancient t想知道hasrees Qiu packing, by adding a fewdecadent indignation, the tree can take root into the eternal,flowers Xie Ye fly the same year, that people are scattered but notman听听beeny fishermen. Wind flapping from the temples flying, what day canbe relieved that gentle enough to spend the water.

      There are dead leaves, from the branches fall, the languageof sadness, in the south of this misty misty city, and thendifficult to pick up the joy of lauTianyaghter, behind you turned, leftto me is a lonely and Barren, in the hustle and bustle of thesound, the heart of the lake caused by the thick of the tragic andlonely.

      Looking for relies, vegetarian pick flowers Yang Hong fall;send sunset, waving the wind with the wind sbeenmoke dust. Clear waterto the past, the time has been mottled. Most afraid of sunny hurryto f事实上传奇英雄合击手游版all, a Que old music voiceless, it is difficult, and seek hisfuture. Walking in a foreign land of Canglin streets, feel the joyof your stay.

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